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[RELEASE] Emmabuntus 9 - user friendly linux distro [ANNOUNCE]



Hey, Serey! Today I'm gonna tell you about Emmabuntüs. ![Emma]( [Emmabuntüs]( is a desktop Linux distribution designed to be user friendly and to work well on older computers. The distribution's latest release, Emmabuntus 9-1.03, is based on Debian 9. The new version includes Flatpak support, a Steam installation script (for the 64-bit build) and several fixes. The [release announcement]( lists the following changes: >"Added welcome and tools windows; added new and more compact post-installation dialog windows; added software installation management in Flatpak format; added control script optimizing the swap usage; added Steam installation script, only available in the 64-bit edition; added PDF-Shuffler, gscan2pdf; added screen lock app for LXDE; added shortcuts to user folders; added Bluetooth activation management, if the adapter is present; added automatic swap activation in live mode; added mounting of hard disks or internal partitions without password request; improved desktop integration; improved wallpaper management when starting Xfce; fixed Chromium icon; fixed Whisker menu; fixed links to the user directory in Cairo Dock configuration files; fixed non-functional Thunar shortcuts...." # [Download]( * [emmabuntus-de2-amd64-stretch-1.03.iso]( (3,704MB, [SHA256](, [torrent](, [pkglist]( # About Emma OS Type | Linux | - | - | Based on | Debian (Stable), Ubuntu (LTS) Origin | France Architecture | i386, x86_64 Desktop | LXDE, Xfce Category | Beginners, Desktop, Live Medium, Old Computers Status | Active Emmabuntüs is a desktop Linux distributionwith editions based on based on Xubuntu and Debian's Stable branch. It strives to be beginner-friendly and reasonably light on resources so that it can be used on older computers. It also includes many modern features, such as large number of pre-configured programs for everyday use, dockbar for launching applications, easy installation of non-free software and media codecs, and quick setup through automated scripts. The distribution supports English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish languages. Popularity (hits per day): 12 months: 89 (134), 6 months: 76 (140), 3 months: 99 (109), 4 weeks: 67 (161), 1 week: 27 (404) Average visitor rating: 8.25/10 from 12 review(s). # Links Distribution | Emmabuntüs | - | - | Home Page | User Forums | Documentation | • Screenshots | • DistroWatch Gallery Download Mirrors | • • Bug Tracker | Related Websites | Reviews | # Video # Feedback Did you ever tested Emmabuntus? How do you feel about it? Please write down in comments! *Happy distrohopping,* **Den Ivanov aka @sxiii from Random City**
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