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List of public email boxes, that you can use together with your friend or team



Heyhey Serey!

Today I've pulled a list of email services for my friend. He asked about using some email boxes together, just by giving a link to a friend or sharing a mailbox URL.

I googled for a few minutes and build up this list. Do you know some other good "public" mailbox or "tempmail" box providers that you can recommend? Please comment below!

### Public Mail Boxes

You can set up your own emailbox name in all these services:

5)[email protected]
6)[email protected]
7)[email protected]

Some of these services, however, require you to enter their first page before accessing the email box, so not all URLs might work right away.

Several ones allows you to change domain names and also attach your own domain to their service infrastructure!

### Additional

* This works only one hour ([email protected])

* Another one, but requires to know the email hash to access the mailbox:

* This one has statuses for emailboxes (how many days they are "alive"):

* This has a lot of domains but you need another "real" or "fake" mailbox to register:

There are some others, as well, if you just google for "public mailbox" or "one-time email" or "fake email".

Thanks for reading and hope you can find these services useful together with your friends/team/family as well as make your own private emails more clean from spam and weird emails.

Good luck!

@sxiii aka D. from O.

P.S. Recently found that National Bank of Cambodia is creating their own digital money, what a great news

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