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Cryptocrash games: what are they? [Gambilng]



Hi Serey! I've back with some news. After some research done by me on the topic of crypto crash games (graph games, the games where you could play against a random generator) I've handpicked few games and this is going to be a small article series about them. This is the first article in series. # First Impressions I will start this walkthrough with a game called [xcryptocrash]( The best think about it you can see right away if you enter the main page: ![XCC]( Yes, the best thing about this game is that **it supports 13 cryptos**. Well, not 13 at this exact moment as 4 are now at development, so currently we really have 9. That's: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Tron (TRX), Dogecoin (DOGE), Vitae (oh what is that?!), Wager (the crypto especially for games and bets!), AFIN (I really don't know that, too :) and STARS (seems to be a crypto for casino or something). 4 cryptos that are in development now are: Bitcoin Cash (BCH), BitcoinSV (BSV), Oduwa (OWC, don't know what this is about), and playhash. Don't ask me about last one too :) Most of the other cryptocrash games support much less cryptos: the most of the websites are having only one crypto. Only some allows you to use two or more currencies. So XCryptoCrash is the leader in that meaning. If you have some (rare/uniq) tokens to spend, you can definitely do it there. Just follow the link: # [xcryptocrash]( *** ![XCC-Features]( # What is cryptocrash game If you don't know what CC (CryptoCrash) game is, I'll tell you. This is a similar-to-lottery or maybe some other random games like roulette, in terms of it generates random number and you have to guess it as close as you can. But the good thing is that you don't actually need to hit the exact number (altho if you hit the exact number, you'll have the highest payout in the game). But if you don't, you loose your bet. Let me tell you an example. You are betting 10 crypto coins on the 5x multiplier. That means, that if "cryptocrash" number hits 5x or more, you will get 5x of your basic bet (50 crypto coins). But if it stopps at 1.5x, 2x, 3.45x, 4x or even 4.99x, you'll loose your basic bet. ![XCC-Gameplay]( How far can the multipliers go? Actually, it can go further that you can think of. Quite often, it hits 100x, sometimes it hits 1000x (from that moment you'll see a NYAN cat), and it can build up even more onto the moon like 2000x, 4000x, 10,000x, 20,000x. In the history of the CC games that are working for 2 years ore more, players saw even "millionth x" multipliers. But that might happen *maybe* once in a year. Or it might never happen. So the closer number is to 1, the more possibility is to have it. Let's say 1.97x is about 50% opportunity. 2.00x is maybe about 49% or something. And 1,000x can be a divider of 1%'s. But it's still happening some times. So this games are perfect illustration of random generator :) The random numbers are really random as they are generated at the special "game-genesis" event when the author of the game publishes the **future block** number and also generates secret server-side hash. Then, in the future, when the **block number** is generated it's used together with a server hash to generate a something like "first game seed" (maybe I'm not explaining it 100% correctly, but that's out of my point of view, please fix me if I am wrong). Based on that game seed, all other games are generated and the numbers are passed to players one-by-one. Also, the game is fair-proof because in any specific moment of time, you can take a last game hash, use a specific formula and generate the game results of ANY other game. Yes, literally ANY in the meaning "any game back in time". The last game result, the pre-last, or any of early games, even the very first game draw. So it's kinda hashed "back in time" similar to any blockchain system. And this stuff also works quite well because based on this fairness check, players at some other platforms found some changes from the admins and wrote a scam reports on the bitcointalk. So, if you decide to play cryptocrash games, always check google and bitcointalk for the fairproveness or scam reports for the specific games. Also, do a fairness check of few games yourself, as it's as easy as copying any game hash and inserting it to a specific calculator, where you can choose, how much games form that hash and back in time, you would like to generate. [![XCC-TokenAnalysis](]( # Second impression Another cool feature of XCC is autobetting or scripts. They are written on javascript and you can use them to implement your own strategy. By the way, write in comments, if you would like to see an article from me about creating some basic strategies for CryptoCrash games. Autobetting is available in some cryptocrash games, but not all. For me it was a question of math and statistics and that part is even more interesting then the game itself, because you have to build a strategy that may: 1) win most of the time 2) survive a long "trains" of losses that may happen 3) works even with the MAXBET and MAXPROFIT limits that are always setted up in the game 4) have some money-management strategy so even if you loose on step 2, you still can continue to play & win. Actually it's quite easy to make step 1, but steps 2, 3 and 4 are far more hard, and if you have a friend mathematician, you might be on a jackpot side! ![Doge]( # Third impression When I've invested some ETH and DOGE, it went absolutely well with no problems. But when I tried with XRP (Ripple), the transaction went well on the XRP blockchain, but it didn't appeared on XCC. I've contacted admin on discord then, and a little time after, he found a problem with XRP daemon, and added all my invested XRP crypto and even a little bit more to my account. So you always can use an official support channel on discord! ![Strategy]( # Strategy Simulation As a clever player, you'd probably like to build your own strategy (either for a script or for a manual play). But if you're building the strategy for automated play, you can also save your money and simulate your strategy on special strategy simulators (available online, ask me in comments if you need them) OR, even better, you can build your own JavaScript / Python / Bash / whatever-based simulator that can use the current game hash to load games backwards and play-test your strategy. Are you going to win or to loose or your money? What are your odds? Do you risk a lot or do you earn too little? You can answer these questions if you simulate your strategy and have a look at results. That's a great joy of coding, maths, crypto, and more. Join me in that if you like (ask me anything in comments, I'll try to help if I can). # A Mistake About Mistake or Gamblers / Monte-Carlo Fallacy A lot of players think that they are so clever and you'll hear them shouting in chatbox about so-called ["gamblers fallacy" or "Monte-Carlo Fallacy"]( It's the idea of that it doesen't matter how many games you play, your odds are still the same. It means that, let's say, if you play 1.97x and you have something about 50% opportunity to win, you'll have the same opportunity each turn. [*a gif showing flipping a coin*]( So this people shout in the chatbox that those who are trying to build a strategy against a house are all wrong because you never can do it in terms of "Gamblers Fallacy". The fun is that idea is at the same time is right AND also wrong. Because (mostly) no players play a single game in casino or CryptoCrash! So, we are discussing a *playtrough of a lot of games*. Thats's the point where statistics and maths comes in and it breaks the idea of Gambler's Fallacy. >>It is necessary, however, to distinguish between the concepts: the probability of a "eagle" or "tails" in each case and the probability of "tails" n times (for example, twice in a row or ten times in a row). The latter will be equal to n = 1/2 ^ n (for cases with two or ten consecutive dropouts - respectively 1/4 or 1/1024). -- translated quote from [Russian Wiki about Gamblers Fallacy]( # Last words about XCryptoCrash I've contacted administration of the game and they told me that it's still possible to add other coins! We might soon see not only those I showed you in the beginning of the article, but also others. If you have your own coins to add, you might contact the admins and ask to add your favorite (or even your own) token. # Feedback So, guys, if you're having some tokens to waste, you might think about trying the XCryptoCrash. Also, comment (and subscribe!) if you like to see other articles about other CryptoCrash games: what are good and what are bad about them. Good luck and see you in next article! **Den Ivanov from Random City**
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