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My Happiness



What makes you happy? Have you given much thought about what actually makes you happy? I'm a happy-go-lucky sort of person, so I never put much thought into what makes me happy. I have never linked my happiness with something or someone, I'm just happy in general.



So, let me think about what makes me happy. Alright, I think I can mention a few.

Yes, my loved ones almost always make me happy. Yeah well you know there are some moments when they can piss you off royally and you'll feel like smashing their heads, but that's just brief moments. I'm always happy around the ones that I love and I make them laugh. Making them laugh makes me laugh. Did I ever tell you that I'm a "Happy Face?" But I'm happier when I'm around my people.

  • Doing things that I enjoy


I know this isn't particular, but I enjoy a day where I get to do all the things that I enjoy doing. For example, well you may find this a bit odd, but I'm always happy on the road when I'm going somewhere or coming home. I guess I enjoy the journey more than the destination. And I think you already know how much I enjoy watching movies. Then again, there's music. I'm almost always listening to music. And a day where I can just relax and do all this stuff is a great day!!

  • Memes and funny vids


Yes, people, this was obvious. I enjoy memes a lot or was I being less obvious with all the memes that I was posting in almost all of my posts! I'm serious (or am I being funny) I really enjoy memes and funny videos. They make me laugh till I get tummy aches. Hey, no judging okay!!!

Trust me, it's huge that I can name two things that make me happy. Did I just sound less funny than usual!! What has happened to me?! I need to go on and get checked up soon. Or...



That just sums up 2020, doesn't it! Oh god! No no, I won't say any more. So have a blast. Merry Christmas.

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