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Life & Lessons



We have begun our journey this year. And we're all very excited about what it will bring to us. I know I'm very excited. It's not a page I took out from my diary nor I'm willing to make it one. Just sharing some thoughts, therein lies the great mysteries that we are still unaware of.


There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.” ― Leonard Cohen.png


Once upon a time, there was an old man, lived his life full. He was tending to the flowers that bloomed around his tiny cottage. The sun shown upon him, he was quite at peace. Accepted what life had given him, he looks intently at his porch, a tiny little girl playing around. He smiled, almost laughed, the girl had her hair covered in the grass playing with her puppy. What a beautiful sight it was. Then the man got overwhelmed at the thought of her future. He has already lived his life, his days are outnumbered, but not the same for the little girl.

The girl comes rushing to him and bumps him.
"Grandpa, grandpa. Look, my tooth fell off" sniffling she said.
The old man said, "It's okay sweetheart, now don't you cry anymore. Your new tooth will come out very soon don't you worry about a thing."
Little girl, while drying her eyes, "Are you sure, grandpa? Am I not going to stay toothless?"
The old man, "Yes, I'm sure my darling."


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The old man, "Do you remember that black dragon from that cartoon movie named Toothless?"
Little girl, "Yes, I remember."
The old man, "His teeth weren't visible either but e still looked cute right,? You'll just like be that cute young dragon." They both laughed.
Little girl, "Yay, I'm gonna be a dragon, weeee." with that she stood up and started zooming in the garden.

The realization hit the old man, why was worried again. When he was young, someone once had told him.


Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows. - Helen Keller


He smiled at himself. Everything is going to be alright. Although he can't remember the face of the man who had advised him by quoting this line, the quote was forever embedded in his heart. Worries will stay with him like shadows, so will the opportunities be his light.


Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows..png


We all have our way of processing things, no two are the same. Neither our wounds be the same, nor be our journey. We'll stumble and fall; life will kick us in the guts. When we get over the overwhelming feeling of pain and nostalgia, we begin again. We resume our life from where it stopped or we start over. But we cannot press Delete nor Ctrl+z. No matter how much we want to Undo or erase stuff from our lives, we just can't. We only make peace with it and move on.



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