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It's time for people to be oppressed


#### Dear serey all Somehow many more solutions are offered to achieve the ideals of an "independent state". What is clear, there are still many violations of Human Rights (HAM) in Indonesia, the lawsuit is lonely. We are still reminded of the case that happened to Mesuji residents, Lampung Province, a case of a dispute over an area of ​​1533 ha of oil palm between local residents and PT. Sumber Wangi Alam which ended with the tragedy of massacre of unarmed farmers. This action was never mentioned by the State as gross human rights violations. In fact, in the midst of a grievous situation, the authorities are still carrying out criminalization of the victims. The question is because the involvement of the police in all cases is not precisely to reduce the conflict but to protect the company concerned. The police easily throw bullets at the community without following the Standard Operational Procedure (SOP). It is impossible for the Indonesian police to kill their compatriots if they are not lured by the company. Not only the police, the defense agency also has a big stake in this case. The department should supervise the location and provide a quick response when there are complaints by citizens, rather than being busy issuing business use rights (HGU) and ignoring disputes. Likewise with the National Human Rights Commission, the villagers of Sritanjung reported to the National Human Rights Commission since Baharudin Lopa was still in office. However, what was reported was lonely. The three institutions that should be able to protect the oppressed people are actually against the direction, they are more in favor of the ruling company. Besides the Mesuji case, there are also human rights violations that have not found the point of clarity in the past 6 years. The government is not strict with the company that first made a leak in drilling oil, causing hot mud to come out of the bowels of the earth. As a result of this uncertainty, the problem spread to the extent that many Sidoarjo residents had to lose their homes. ###### Siding with those in power As media literate people, of course we all know about the sad events that took place in Mesuji and Sidoarjo. Disputes and land drilling have even caused disasters. Referring to what Karl Marx put forward in his theory that in a capitalist economy there are two social classes. First is the capitalists or bourgeoisie as the owners of capital. Second is the workers or proletariat who do not have capital. The common thread that is the link between cases that occur in Mesuji, Sidoarjo or anywhere is that in each of these places there are always companies that have an interest in community-owned areas. The company is analogous to the capitalists, while the citizens are analogous to the proletariat. From there the conflict of interest between the capitalists and the proletariat took place. The conflict worsened with the involvement of law enforcement officers who were supposed to protect and protect the community instead of being "hooked" to the owners of power. For example, in the Lapindo mudflow case, the government deliberately weakened itself to investigate the Sidoarjo hot mud case. Again because the government is more in favor of the owners of Lapindo Brantas Ins, Aburizal Bakrie. His wealth and power make the government unable to do anything. As a result, Human Rights Violations continue to occur and the State seems to sell the Human Rights of Sidoarjo Residents to Lapindo Brantas Ins. ##### The important thing is to look for profit The most recognizable feature of capitalism is the desire to dredge and accumulate capital or material benefits. Because accumulation is what makes capitalism sustainable. Companies as agents are created with that instinct. Even if needed, anything will be done to ensure the process of capital accumulation is carried out. What the companies in Mesuji and Sidoarjo do is in order to ensure the agenda to gain as much profit as possible. In the Mesuji case, the availability of vast land for palm oil production ignored the issue of land status and forgot the rights of citizens. In the case of Mesuji to be able to carry out its mission, the company must be in charge of the means of production and resources. In order to master all that the company must have effective tools, namely groups and institutions that have weapons, while adhering to values ​​that justify the use of violence. In this case violence is considered an effective way of resolving conflicts. Violence is also given value in "champion" masculinity in winning a fight or violence. In other words, violence is a tool to maintain or preserve the capital structure in society, where the "champion" lives. Thus it can be said that violence is deliberately used by companies to maintain and preserve the structures that support hierarchical and oppressive capitalism. One thing they think about, which is to make a profit. ##### Poverty is the main reason Poverty makes them easily oppressed or someone oppressed because other parties are richer. From the above case it can be concluded that conglomerates easily suppress the small people with the money and power they have. Moreover, most victims come from low-income or poor families. For this reason, the capital easily mocks, exploits, and harasses the rights of the proletariat. Even though in Law Article 1 number 1 Law No. 39 of 1999 concerning Human Rights, it is clearly stated that Human Rights are a set of rights that are inherent in the nature and existence of humans as Almighty God's creatures and are His gifts that must be respected, upheld and protected by the state, law, government and everyone , for the honor and protection of human dignity. Therefore, everyone is obliged to respect, respect and protect human rights regardless of their economic status, race, religion, ethnicity. ____ ____ #### Thanks @sunbahri
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