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Funny Story 3 of genie lacking


### Dear serey all One day there was a young man on an island who discovered treasure. Among the valuable items they saw a teapot. They thought the teapot contained jinyang that could grant various requests. Initially hesitated, he first sought out three wishes that would be asked of the genie. After finding 3 requests he began rubbing the teapot 3 times. The jinn thanked him for helping to free him after millions of years in the teapot. As a form of gratitude finally the genie offered a request. The young man asked to wake up a villa. Then the genie said, > "If I can build a villa like that, do you think I will stay in this old, stuffy teapot? The story above reveals that do not use magic to make you a rich person. But you have to work hard to become a rich person. You also should not be lazy in working so you can get rich quick. __ __ ### Thanks @sunbahri
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