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Feels like to fly

sunbahri __ __ ### Greetings all serey Good night and how are you all ??? On the way to banda aceh I felt dizzy in my head and wanted to get dizzy or vomit. As if they want to fly if they are given wings instead of riding a bus that smells bad. This is a mission that has not been passed so that it must continue to be passed before it's all too late. ###### This is a photo when I was in a deer park banda aceh __ Arriving at Banda Aceh at 7:00 a.m., I continued to enter Batoh Terminal and then we had breakfast with a bad taste in the mouth. Pretty expensive, I say to myself. Then came the pickup and went straight to the sister's house in the village of Keuramat. Take a rest soon. __ ### This is the night story of me going overseas, what is the story of your night ?? __ ### Thanks @sunbahri
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