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Communism and humans in cuba (part 2)


### Dear serey all In these countries capitalism has developed sufficiently to create an effect felt by the people in one way or another; but it is not capitalism's internal contradictions which cause all possibilities, causing the system to break. The struggle to free oneself from foreign oppressors, the misery caused by external events such as war, which has the consequence that the classes benefit from supporting the exploited classes. a liberation movement aimed at overthrowing the neocolonial regime - this is the plural factor in releasing this type of exploitation. The conscious action works fully. A complete education for social work has not yet taken place in countries that have just freed themselves from neocolonialism, and prosperity is still far from reaching the masses through a simple process of absorption. On the one hand, backwardness, and usually the flight of capital abroad, on the other hand, a rapid transition without sacrifice is musty. The road to building an economic base, and the temptation to simply submit to material interests as a measure of development progress is still enormous. There is a danger that the forest will not appear because of the trees. The dream, that socialism can be achieved with the help of blunt tools left to us by capitalism (commodities as economic cells, profits, individual material interests as a measure, etc.) can lead to a blind alliance. And you will mess around there after a long journey with lots of intersections, and it's hard to get out of the wrong way. Meanwhile, the economic foundations that have been put in place have undermined the development of consciousness. To build communism is necessary, simultaneously with a new material foundation, to build new humans. That is why it is very important to choose the right instrument to mobilize the masses. Basically, the instrument must have a moral character, without ignoring, however, the proper use of material incentives - especially those with social characteristics. As I have said, in times of great risk it is easy to mobilize strong responses to moral stimuli; To strengthen the effect, however, requires the development of an awareness where there is a new scale of value. The community as a whole must be turned into a giant school. In the brief presentation of this phenomenon, it is the same as the process by which capitalist consciousness formed in its initial period. Capitalism uses power but it educates people about the system. Direct propaganda is done by explaining the necessity of class society, whether through the theory of the origin of destiny or the theory of mechanics of natural law. This education fooled the masses, because they saw themselves as being oppressed by an evil force where they could not oppose it. It was time for new hope to improve it - and this, capitalism is different from the earliest caste system, where there was no way out offered. For some, the principle of the caste system will continue to have an effect: gifts for the obedient will be accepted after death in another world where, according to old beliefs, good people will be rewarded. For others there is this innovation: the division of classes is determined by destiny, but individuals can rise out of their class through work, initiative, etc. Both of these ideologies and the myth of the individual human being forming themselves are clearly lies: he has shown himself, that a lie for the existence of a permanent class is the truth. In our case, direct education received enormous attention. The explanation is convincing because it is true; there was no excuse needed for him. It is carried out by the state education apparatus as a general function, technique, ideological education through agents such as the Minister of Education and party information apparatus. Education is held between the masses and the formation of new attitudes directed towards becoming a habit. The masses constantly make it their own and influence others who have not educated themselves. This is a form of indirect education by the masses, another power. But this process must be conscious; the individual continually feels the impact of the new social power and sees that he does it not solely desired by the standard. Under the pressure of indirect education he tries to adjust to the situation he feels is right and if he is less developed he will be hampered from achieving purely. So He educated himself. In this period of development of socialism we can see the birth of new humans. The image has not been completely completed - and will never be completed, because this process will continue from generation to generation according to the development of new economic forms. In addition, those who are less educated will choose the path alone in achieving the fulfillment of their personal ambitions - even in the new panorama of the united front steps - those who have a tendency to walk away from the accompanying masses. However, what is important is that every day people gain more awareness of the need to always go hand in hand in the community and, at the same time, the importance of acting as the community's motorbike. They are no longer completely alone and lose clues to reaching aspiration in the distance. They followed their vanguard, which consisted of parties, advanced workers, advanced human beings who walked in unity with the masses and in close harmony with them. Pioneers direct their views into the future, but not the views of individuals. The fruit is a new society where humans will not have different degrees: communist human society. The road to it is long and full of difficulties. There are times when we lose direction and must return; At other times we are too fast and separate from the masses. Sometimes we are too slow and feel we just walk in place. In our spirit as revolutionaries we try to move forward as soon as possible, clear the way. But we know we have to keep ourselves close to the masses and that can be achieved more quickly only when we inspire it from the examples we give. Despite the importance of moral stimuli, the fact is that there is still division into two main groups (of course, outside the minority who for one reason or another do not participate in the construction of socialism) shows the relative distance from the development of social awareness. Pioneer groups are ideologically more advanced than the masses; the masses understand new values, but not adequately. While the pioneers already had qualitative changes that made it possible to make sacrifices according to their capacity as advanced pioneers, the masses only saw as images and still had to be stimulated and pushed on to reach a certain intensity. This is where the dictatorship of the proletariat works, not only educating the class which has been defeated (bourgeoisie) but also the individuals of the victorious class (proletariat and other oppressed classes). All of that means that the overall success of a series of mechanisms from revolutionary institutions is needed. In line with the image of a step forward into the future produces the concept of institutionalization as an alignment of a set of channels, steps, controls and lubricating mechanisms that facilitate a step forward, which facilitates natural selection from those who step into the future with pioneers, and reward them who fulfill obligations and punishments for those who commit crimes against the community being built. ***continued*** __ __ ### Thanks @sunbahri
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