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the moon will appear from hideout



At long last you managed to put together a post and published it. You patted yourself on the back.

"I did it!"

You sighed with relief.

Much went in this post. You did research and wrote down notes. Then came pondering and arranging the ideas. You wrote the post. You edited and did it again.

Still it was not good enough!

You edited it again. Till you saw it fit for publication. Now it is published.

Did you feel proud!

Soon upvotes started drizzling. Happiness enveloped you. Every now and then you checked and things were good.

Past midnight and you went to bed only to wake up in the morning to the shock of the century. Your post had lost almost all or all the votes it had received. What remained were the number of voters who voted it.

You smelt a rat!

the moon will come out of its hideout

It had not reached payout! Somebody had downvoted it.

Maybe, only maybe, you had written more than two posts and this was the poorest in quality. Therefore it was denied its blossom.

Maybe a hater downvoted it. He might not have loved the post. You cannot blame them either.

Maybe it showed some signs of plagiarism. No, I do not say you plagiarised.

the moon will come out of its hideout


There seems to be so many maybe's.

Why do you care?

You still have your mind. You can produce another better one than this. Your hands are not broken either. Then go ahead and produce another one better than this.

It will appear in the hot posts section as it flies to the trending. It will top up there. Believe you me, this new post will be a hit. It will earn you double or even triple of what the downvoted post would have earned you 

Go ahead and write!

My posts received the same too. I was downvoted. My posts lost Serey. Am I dead? No! Am wiser, better and thriving on. I have to reach my destiny. You will reach too.

We are in this together. We encourage each other. We offer each other a crying shoulder when disappointed. No, pal, we are destined for greater things. Rise up and head to your success. 

the moon is rising out of its hideout

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