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Do You Ever Advertise Your identity And Where You Belong?


Love Is Like A Cough

The adage formulated by the Waswahili ancestors, what the heart loves is medicine, was not wrong after all. Love can make a person crazy. I think that is where my serey love is taking me. Am crazily in love with Serey! I want to shout this to the world till their elephant ears ache with pain. My love for Serey is bursting out like a long surpresed cough.


So I decided to show my village where my love rests. The mask came in handy because we have to keep safe. I did not have finances to do a proper printout but I used my pen. The words which jumped in front of all the people I met was what is displayed on the mask.

"I love Serey."

At first the words came out all wrong on my camera. It was something like a mirror image till I turned the mask inside out just for my camera.

The Blind and Deaf Man

There was this man who suddenly turned deaf and blind. Many expected him to stop going to church as he could not see not hear what was going on in the church. Yet the man continued to attend church.

One time he raised his hand to talk and give his testimony.

"Maybe you might all be wondering why I continue coming to church despite hearing nor seeing anything. The reason I still do to the amazement of many is because I want all who see me know where I belong."

As he sat down, a thundering applause escorted him as he was directed to his seat. 

Wr Should Apply This Man


People should know where we belong. We are in Serey to stay. Caps, badges and T-shirts should be made to shout out our love to Serey.


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