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An Uninvited Visitor In My Family Who Stole My Daughter


Hello Sereyans

How are you coping with Covid19? This pandemic visited my home a month ago. What a devastation!

We were all in quarantine in my own home. This experience should never repeat itself. Imagine a home which is a sick zone! Neighbours drew boundaries. Getting provisions was hard. We were really isolated. Did I say isolated? I meant to say stigmatised.

My daughter was in hospital in isolation ward. There was no oxygen in the hospital. People were dying in numbers.

Food was kept at Bay and one was forced to get the food by themselves. Those who were too weak to move could starve to death unless a good Samaritan risked to take food to them. The wards were less of staff and doctors rarely visited.

My daughter could take it no more. She succumbed to the disease and we went ourselves hoarse. What with weak bodies!

We need to take precautions seriously.

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