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Travel to the fullest of education: The need for education tourism: Education tour in the development of creativity and merit help to build collaboration and harmony Education tour:

## Traveling freed people from the shadow of the cloakroom and kept them in the beauty of the vast world. The human mind makes the liberal Dynamism by giving small life to human life. And if that journey is to teach, then there is no reason. Through the tour of education, people get the opportunity to develop incomplete and confined knowledge. Education tour is a student's education, delightful and full of life. Through education tour, students get the opportunity to know about the history, heritage and culture of their country and nation, and their own roots. Besides, they can get familiar with the history, heritage and lifestyle of different countries and nations, which extend their knowledge boundaries through outside the country. ![samakal-28-09-13.jpg]( [source]( ## The education that is studied in the book is not a complete education. If you can combine real knowledge with education then it will become a full-fledged education. Through various practical activities, education can be achieved in this field. Among these activities is one of the educational tours. Students do not just enjoy the pleasure of visiting the educational tour, but also see historical things and get a good understanding of those issues. So the education tour is very important to achieve real and full education. ![samakal-28-09-13.jpg]( [source]( ## In this era of science, students can gain knowledge about various aspects of the world on the four sides of the world, sitting in four walls. But the key question is how rewarding the acquiring knowledge is. There is a lot of difference between learning to look at anything and memorizing things. Practical education is better than handwriting rather than memorized. The world's longest beach is Cox's Bazar, the beauty of Leela Niketan St. Martin, two pages of Sylhet, a twin country, the ruins of ancient Buddhist civilization, Paharpur etc., students read in the book and hear from the teachers. But if they see these places in their own eyes, then they will be awake in their heart's temple for a lifetime. The issues of education tour are easily lost and it never disappears from memory. ![samakal-28-09-13.jpg]( [source]( ## Children get free freedom during the education tour. This time they can spend their own wishes. Due to the stress of daily day study Cultural program of attraction is one of the attractions of education. There are various types of dance, song, acting, recitation, comedy, etc. As a result, on the other hand, their entertainment is on the other hand as well as developments of the student's latent talent and creativity. ![samakal-28-09-13.jpg]( [source]( ## To make an education tour properly, there is a lot of accessory to do. For example, selecting a place, arranging transportation, providing food, etc. According to the instructions of the teachers, the students collectively. The students, in turn, make all the necessary arrangements for their education tour. As a result, they developed a kind of help-co-operation and harmony. Apart from these activities, the awareness of the responsibility of the students is born, which helps them to take greater responsibilities in their future life. ![samakal-28-09-13.jpg]( [source](
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