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Ways to end my miserable memories...


The miserable memories of the past often hurt us a lot. Which becomes an obstacle in the present life. These can't be left, can't be kept with. The brain repeatedly remembers special events of the past. If these are permanent in the brain. Happiness and sorrow are two types of memories in the past. But I want to remember the happy memories and forget the painful memories.But he can't do that.

Among the painful memories are the memories of one's own accident or the death of a relative or family member. Losing a loved one is more painful. These memories come to mind more when I am alone. But when I am in harmony with everyone, the memories are not remembered or there is no time to remember. Then the present prevails. 

We should learn from the past, not cling to the past. But I myself often forget these and remember more and more past memories and get more and more hurt.

If life were like the setting sun in the twilight afternoon !!! The sun sets indiscriminately with all the emotions, feelings, happiness, sorrow and pain they feel throughout the day. Again at the end of the night a new one emerges. The new venture moves forward again.I love to watch the sunset occasionally. Because it teaches me a lot, teaches to run life. 



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