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The proximity of a cute weakly dragonfly and a small beautiful insect.


I have learned about some different types of insects over the last two days. I saw these in my house.

I took this picture a few days ago. This is a dragonfly. I saw this grasshopper when I was sitting with my father at night. This dragonfly was sitting on top of my clothes and moving from one place to another. It's dragonfly but I've known grasshoppers since I was a kid. The dragonfly is small in shape and very thin and slender. However, the eyes are much larger than the body. As a kid, I used to catch a lot of these dragonflies. I could catch some time, but many times I would fail to catch it. However, I used to make a trap by sticking glue on the head of a stick to catch them. Although I managed to catch some time, I would release them later. Because from a young age I believed that killing animals for no reason was a crime and that it was wrong to hurt them.

What you can see in the second picture is a bluish green insect, the insect is very small. The insect is moving on my hand. The insect is very sociable and friendly. He moved from one end of my hand to the other. After a while I blew hard with my mouth and the insect flew away. Ha ha ha


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