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Our mother.... A hardworking warrior.


A mother is a best friend as well as best sacrificer. She is a creator of a family. She creates a healthy family by her own hand. I think a family without a mother is uncompleted .    

I love my mother very very much. ❤

I believe that there is no word in this world is as sweet as mother. 

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A mother raises her child properly. A child receives primary education from his mother. That's why I think my mother is the best teacher. 

Our parents can easily understand all our troubles and they try their best to solve the problem. But can we understand the grief of our parents ??? Do we give our parents the right status ???

A mother tries to make a child a human being by hiding all the troubles of her life.

But the sad truth is that there are many of us who grow up and forget our parents. I hurt them, I don't keep track of them. I think this is the saddest thing.

We must remember that through them we were born into the world, through them we learned to walk, through them we learned to speak and through them we became self-sufficient and learned to stand on our own feet in this world.

May Allah keep us all healthy and all our parents healthy...


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