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Our country is in the grip of extreme electrical mismanagement and unplanned...


Electricity was discovered on earth many years ago. This electricity has turned the world civilization into the present modern civilization. Which has improved the quality of life of the people. A major contribution of electricity is the industrial revolution.

Although electricity has brought ease to human life, the number of accidents caused by electricity has been increasing in the world. It is a matter of great concern because every year many people in the world are dying or getting injured in electric accidents. The main causes of these accidents are electrical loose connections and electrical mismanagement. A bad example of which can be seen in Bangladesh.

The impact of electricity in Bangladesh has been observed since 1960, when the spread of electricity was less. Ever since the spread of electricity in Bangladesh, the industrial and commercial factories of Bangladesh have started to grow at a massive rate.At present Bangladesh has achieved self-sufficiency of electricity. Although power generation has increased in Bangladesh, mismanagement and unplanned power has increased much more. An example of which you see in these pictures. These electric poles are located in front of my room. The electric poles are filled with wire debris.Accidents of any kind can happen at any time in such situations. We often hear in Bangladesh that a house or office catches fire due to an electrical short circuit. Or many people are dying. Such news is always seen in newspapers.

However, at present Bangladesh is trying to eliminate such electrical mismanagement. Its a great venture...



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