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Kuakata beach is called the daughter of the sea. One of the most beautiful beach in the world.


Sunset view on Kuakata beach. Kuakata Beach is a beautiful beach located in the south of Bangladesh. This beach is called the daughter of the sea.

From the same place in Kuakata you will see sunrise and sunset.... This makes any person interested in traveling to Kuakata. Kuakata beach is located in Patuakhali district in the Barisal division of Bangladesh. The place is in the south of Bangladesh. You know the Bay of Bengal in the south of Bangladesh. The Bay of Bengal is located in the south. It is a beautiful beach. It is basically a shallow beach. So many people here can easily swim or take a bath and there is no obstacle to enjoy the beautiful view. You can easily travel to this beach if you want. You can see the amazing view of the sea and you can enjoy Kuakata beach.

There is a very easy way to get here by launch or bus from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, you can also take a domestic flight. Countless people visit Kuakata Beach every day, especially students and families. However, there are many more places to visit besides just the beach. Where there are always a lot of people to see the crowd. But the sunset and sunrise view of Kuakata beach will attract and fascinate you the most.

This is a really beautiful beach. You can go to this beach if you want... 



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