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Introduce my self...


Hi everyone.... 

I am Sohanur Rahman. I am from Bangladesh. I am a student. I study in the department of Statistics at Rajshahi University. I am doing honours in Statistics. I am now study in third year. I love the huge area of Rajshahi University covering an area of 623 acres, the second largest campus of Bangladesh.     

I live an another town away from my family because of my study. My home town is Kushtia district and i stay now in Rajshahi district. In my family i have father, mother and a brother. I have a sister, she is maried and lives with her husband. My father is a farmer and my mother is a housewife. My brother is an employee. I love every person of my family very much and i missed them when I am away.

I really enjoying travelling and specially cycling with my friends. So I occasionally travel with my friends. The goal of my life is to be an honest and humain person. I can't stand the poor and helpless people. The live a very hard life. I want to do something of them. I wish I could make a small house in a small green village in Bangladesh. Asif I could live in the village. Because I dislike the noise of city.     

I am interested to work on serey. I didn’t know much about serey before. But when I found out about serey letter, I thought it is very promising and authentic. I find out about serey from my friends Ibrahim Hosain and brother Yeasin. Leter with their help I opened an account on serey. I love to research and write about any subject. In that case I thought I could do something better in serey. And serey have an innovation comparing with another site. Thats i like it. 

I hope to get your full support. May Allah bless us...         

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