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I captured some beautiful Jasmine flowers❤


Do you like flowers? Sorry, I think that's silly to ask. Because there is no one in the world who does not like flowers. However, if the flower is as beautiful and rich as your mind, then there is no reason to dislike that flower. In fact, all flowers are beautiful. I think flowers are a symbol of beauty, flowers are a symbol of love ... 


The flower you see in this picture is called Jasmine flower. It is found in many countries in Asia, especially in South Asia. Interesting thing is that this flower is planted anywhere in any garden in Bangladesh. However, it is often seen in the forest.


There is a jungle behind my house, there are many jasmine flowers. I used to collect these flowers from there as a child and just play with it.However, the flowers you see in this picture are not jasmine flowers in a forest. These are from a flower garden located in the Botanical Garden in front of the first science building of Rajshahi University.


Jasmine flower is mainly famous for its beauty and fragrance. However, this flower has many medicinal properties. I don't have the right idea about that, but many kinds of medicine are made with it.

I believe you liked it....

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