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Happy Ramadan to all....


Ramadan starting today. It is a very happy moment for us, especially for all Muslims in the world. Because after a while our first Ramadan will start which means we will eat sehri in a while. Although in many parts of the world, including the Middle East, yesterday became a fast. Because you probably know that the Arabic month is lunar month, dependent on moon sighting. 

In other words, the month starts counting after seeing the moon, so in many countries the month of Ramadan has started one day earlier because the moon was seen one day earlier and fasting has also started one day earlier.


Ramadan fasting in Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and many other countries will start from today.

In the month of Ramadan, we abstain from eating and drinking at a certain time of the day, Allah willing. During this period I refrain from drinking any food or water. And the fast ends with Iftar in the evening. We fast by the will of Allah. However, it has many physical virtues. The month of Ramadan is a glorious month for Muslims. From a religious point of view, this month's virtues are much greater. May Allah bless us .... 

Happy Ramadan to all...

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