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A large bee collects honey from the flowers and helps pollinate....


This morning I went out for a walk. Then I saw a flowering tree. The bees were collecting honey from the flowers of this flowering tree. At the same time an ant collected food for him from the flowers. I really like the scenes. That’s why I captured the pictures as well. Basically the bee is collecting honey from the flowers and helping to pollinate the flowers. This black bee is helping pollinate, but it is also doing its own thing. That is, he is collecting honey from the flowers or collecting food.

Pollination of flowers by a large bee is happening. Have you ever seen flower pollination by insects? Insects, especially bees, are an important means of feeding. Bees are the most pollinated. Pollination is an essential function in the life of plants. Pollination is an important step in the propagation of plants. When the pollen falls from the anther to the cervix during pollination. And as a result fertilization occurs, new seeds or fruits are created. As a result, plants reproduce.And the pollen grains from the anther need a medium to get to the womb. Those mediums can be insects, birds, humans or other creatures. People can participate in pollination. Again many are seen to be air pollinators or water pollinators.

I like to see this. I hope you also like this photos. Thanks for visiting my post. 

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