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A few beautiful white swans and my childhood memories are related to swans.


I heard the story of the swan as a child. Once upon a time a farmer had a swan. The swan could lay army eggs. The greedy farmer cut off the swan's stomach in the hope of getting more eggs. Later he gets an egg but it dies. It was fictional. The story mentions an instructive subject. That is, it is not right to be greedy. The consequences of greed are not good. Let children understand this from an early age. It is a part of elementary education for any child. As I was walking down the street, seeing these swans reminded me of the story.

After hearing a lot about such stories, I was much more interested in swans. Although I was very scared as a child. Because if they saw me, they would attack me. I respected him from the beginning and stayed away.

As I was walking down the road today, I saw six white swans. Three of them were much larger in the form of swans and the other three were small cubs. To me, white swans seem to be the most attractive. If you don't bother the swans, they won't bother you either. I like baby swans better. These swans were quiet and ate grass. Swans eat grass I didn't know it before, I thought they ate granular food. But today I first saw them eat grass. If you don't bother the swans, they won't bother you either.




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