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Chittagong Sitakunda travel photography.


Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah.
Hello brothers and friends working on serey platform! I am starting my today's writing by greeting everyone. At the outset, I'll get to the bottom of my point by asking you guys. First I want to know how are you all? I believe that all of you are safe and healthy by the grace of Almighty Allah. I am also very well with your prayers and love and by the mercy of the Almighty Allah. Today I will share with you my photographs these photographs I and my friends travel to Sitakunda Chittagong We collect these photos by traveling to Sitakunda.

Sitakund is located in Chittagong We travel to different places from Dhaka through different tours but today's trip was our exception and very enjoyable. If there is any theft then there are different buses from Dhaka in which we can go to different places on tour but today's news was different we all friends thought that we will travel by train today so we went to Kamalapur station. There we reached Kamalapur station at eight o'clock in the night, we entered inside without buying a ticket and the name of our train is Chittagong Mill, we entered inside to board the Chittagong Mill train. Gives up and sometimes time overtakes.

That day the train left at exactly 10:10 minutes, we got into the train and many people got up, we sat in a cabin, the city is the system of this train. The train was running all through the night, we fell asleep inside and all the passengers fell asleep inside. The train was moving at its own pace, sometimes slowly and sometimes fast. Whatever the destination, our destination is one and the same. By the infinite mercy of Allah, we were able to reach our destination safely. He has delivered thousands of thanks to the court of the great Rabbul Alamin. After we got down there we had earlier target we will go to Sitakunda so we headed towards Sitakunda.

We reached Sitakunda and when we climbed the hill we were given a stick in each hand we took one stick and the stick helped us a lot in climbing the hill we took a lot of benefit from the stick to climb up. After climbing up, we took these photographs with all our friends from the top of the mountain. How do you like these photographs? If you like it, please give me a like and a comment. All will be well and healthy as today.
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