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Beauty is one of the real and definite things that is aimed at a particular object when one sees objects producing peace and tranquility. But in other terms beauty is often interpreted as a situation that pleases the eyes, beautiful, good, right or beautiful. Beauty is studied as part of aesthetics, sociology, social psychology, and culture. "Ideal beauty" is an entity that is admired, or has a feature that is associated with beauty in a particular culture, to its perfect ion. While some experts formulate that beauty is unity and form a relationship that exists between human sensory perceptions when the eye receives the colors found on an object. ![IMG_20190228_082826.jpg]( If you are in Nature that has beauty like on the coast or near the ocean, you will see the nature of something that gives us pleasure when you see it or feel it. The beauty of the beach is a situation that is pleasing to the eye, beautiful, good, right or beautiful. Like the one in the picture in my post. ![IMG_20190228_082709.jpg]( In general, humans are very fond of beauty, both beauty in the form of scenery or something around it. Just like when you are near the beach, you will feel and see the beauty found in that place. The situation mentioned above has been felt for everyone on this earth, whether that person is in an urban or rural area. has its own beauty. However, places that have been regarded as beautiful scenery are located in a spacious environment with a variety of content contained in them. ![IMG_20190228_082755.jpg]( Many places in this world have beauty, but if we break the details, it certainly won't run out. But every object in the world has it depending on the person who defines it or evaluates it. Thus a brief review of the beauty found around us. Thank you very much.
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