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The Biography of "The legend of Cricket " -Lasith Malinga


![images (12).jpeg]( [Source]( There are one of the most popular Ballers in the world . Lasith Malinga is one of them. Lasith malinga is very popular baller in the world. He is Srilankan player . Most of the people know this player as a page or speed baller .Lasith malinga was born in 1983 , 28 August . He was born in Galey in Srilanka . His full name is Siparumanu Lasith Malinga Swarnajit. He was always played nearby Riverside in Childhood . He studied Ratgachia college . After that he went Bidyalhaka college for his studies .Bidyalhaka college was situated in Galley. Malinga had introduced finally with Cricket in Bidyathi college . When Lasith malinga age was 17 years old, he thought that cricket was impossible by him. But when college tournament organized . That time malinga showed his skill. That match malinga got six wickets . Dhornapia followed malinga . Actually Dhaornapia was skillful cricket trainer of Mahendra college . When malinga was in Bidyaloka college . Senior player Champaka Ramanayan had impressed for malinga. After some days malinga participated A Cricket Treasure Research Performance . At first Malinga do not any chance national team ,inspite of his good performance . He played as Galey cricket player . He got six weikets. Because of his good performance , he got good chance for playing national team. When he played test match against Australia . He got six weikets. He got Daren lehoman, Adams Gilchrist , Damiyan martin , Sen warn . Adams Gilchrist accepted malinga as skillful player . Really Malinga father was a moto makanick . His mother was a banker . He do not think any time he will get chance national cricket team. Actually malinga ambition was banker . He was very interested mathematics . Malinga was born Hokkaduai village in Galley . This village was situated nearby sea beach .That village was not any particular game field. He first hatricked 2007, 28 march . He played against south africa . He got 4 weikets step by step In 4 balls. Malinga first hatcrick was fifth hatrick in the world . Malinga hatricked many times . Malinga was doing a ball 155 .7 kilometre speed. It was the highest speed for malinga international cricket . He was doing 17000 + balls . He got 100 weikets test match . He got 300 weikets one day match . He got 100 weikets T- Twenty world cup .Malinga played IPL as Mumbai Indian Player . He has more contribution for winning mumbai Indians IPL. Personal life malinga love singing . Becides he like some foods . Such as Srilankan Rice , curry etc . Malinga wife name is Tania . Tania was dancer and australian chairleader. At present tania is malinga wife . They are happy family . Making has two Sons . Suddenly malinga retirement from Cricket . In a world Lasith Malinga is very famous and more skillful baller in the world . Regards @simaroy
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