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Simple drawing on rural views


Life is so simple here .They all work together and live together happily.
Here life is relaxing and the pollution still can't make its entry to the rural life that's why people are healthy here physically and mentally.
There are many more problems but still one can expect the true sense of healthy living here.
Thats why life in those places are free from tension,stress and egoistic competition.And the relationship between people are so deep that one who doesn't live here ever can't understand never.
The life in this area are much more different than the urban life style.
At times I go to look over corn field . There I enjoy different types of spectacles. I always feel the real illustration of village life from my heart. Really Farmers cultivate various kinds of grains . Infact Farmers work hard sothat they can get a lot of crops . Thus They maintain their life . Because it is a big source of their income . Farmers tolerate sun ,rain. At last they can pick their golden rice in their home.
It is universal truth that If Farmers do not cultivate crops , town mans could not eat any food . So I selute this farmers .
Some years ago I drew this drawing .
Phone camera :Redmi 4
Drawing by @simaroy

Regards @simaroy
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