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Photography on fantastic rural face in India


The profound scenes of the green crop of the village fascinate my mind. Village crop fields are the best examples of rural nature. I like the garden of the heavenly Paradise flower to see the peaceful, beautiful scenery of the diverse fields of village. So I always shared the pictures of the fields of the quiet intensive crop of the village. The village of Bengal surrounded by peace , wrapped with maternal nature. My eyes were overwhelmed by the beauty of the village, pleasant scenery.. There is no pair of agriculture to strengthen the foundations of the country's economy. Farmers' role is very important to provide our daily necessities for living things. today, people of the village work together on the field. Men and women work together on the field of wet sunshine all day long in the field. They all worked hard to break bones and found satisfaction in seeing the face of the golden rice. They think they will see happiness days. The rice cooked itself in the house. Keeping something for yourself. ![IMG_20190122_075152.jpg]( ![IMG_20190122_075155.jpg]( ![IMG_20190122_075200.jpg]( ![IMG_20190122_075439.jpg]( ![IMG_20190122_075536.jpg]( Place details... Village :Palsit Post:Boitha District :Bardwman State : West Bengal Country :India . Capture details... Phone camera: Mi.a1 Capture date:22-01-2019 Capture by simaroy(Siddhartha Roy) Follow and reweku me . Thanks all. আমার পোস্টটি কোনো ভুল হলে আমাকে ক্ষমা করে দেবেন। Post link...
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