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Photography on beautiful natural beauties of Millinuim park nearby Ganges river in Kolkata


There are many sources of Entertainment. Tour is one of them . There are many tourist places in Kolkata City. Milllinum park is one of them. It is situated nearby Ganges river in Kolkata. It is the most attractive tourist place in Kolkata. This park is situated on the east bank and opposite the railway club nearby Ganges river.Actually Millinium park located on the banks of the Ganges river. It is a historical park in Kolkata.The Millinium park is built between the strand Road and Hoogly river . Kolkata metropolitan Development authority built for memorable park in history. Though There are no place to make big park . People had attractived for making a park. It built for increasing the beauty of Ganges river. Some months ago I visited the Millinium park . There I captured some beautiful Nature beauties of Ganges river and Millinium park . Now I am going to share Millinium park photos with Ganges river and with Howrah Bridge photos. Some months ago I captured some beautiful natural beauties pictures.Now I am going to share. ![IMG_20180828_114903.jpg]( ![IMG_20180828_114858.jpg]( ![image]( ![image]( Place details.. Phone camera: Mi a1 District: Kolkata State: West Bengal Country: India Follow me @simaroy
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