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Happy New Year 2019

simaroy Image source link... Every nation has a particular year . They celebrate the first day of that year. The first day of English year is called "Happy new year" . The celebration of it is a traditional matter . The people of the world have been celebrating this day for centuries .Really we celebrate it to rectify ourselves . It is celebrated all over the world . It is celebrated gorgeously in All world . All of country people visit this day in different beautiful and traditional place. All person putting on fine dress .The shop- keepers decorate their shops. Students of different schools and institution and different cultural organization bring out colourful procession . Different cultural organization arrange cultural functions for observing the day for the observation of the day. Before day 31 December All countries people arrange picnic. Everyone enjoy this day. They wait for Happy new year .Most of people enjoy this day in the world. i enjoy like yours this day. It is a traditional day in the world . The significance of the day is great. Through the celebration of this day we can remember the important of ist january . We love this day with respectly . If you like my post ,please follow ,comments and reserey me and upvote me. Thanks all community friends .
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