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"We Are Weku " Contest -Fantastic social platform ...Weku

simaroy ![IMG_20190219_222247_HHT~2.jpg]( Hi ! All My Community Friends .. "We Are Weku" I am Siddhartha Roy .My weku platform name is @simaroy. Firstly I want to say that I am very happy for weku platform. Because I get to chance weku platform .For this reason I am impressed .Really Weku community is fantastic and awesome social platform.I always believe this my weku platform.It is the biggest blogchain . Actually Weku platform give to chance for express our hidden teasure .Truely I love weku platform. Two years ago I joined steemit platform.After that I joined this weku platform September 2018.Really when I joined this community , I am very happy .Everyday I share different types of post on Weku. Actually I am a photographer . I love the beauty of rural views pictures .I share maximum post on rural view .Becides I share poetry and sketch .Lastly sometimes I share my writing about traditional day. I mind that Weku platform is one of the greatest social platform in the world . Weku platform give to chance us for writing content own mother language .Some people can not write English language clearly .But this platform said to everyone that They will write their abosolutly mother language . I hope that Weku will success fulfill soon. I pray with Allmighty . This contest organised by @siamcat and @Kevin .Sponsored by@kevin. Lastly All moderators have more contribution . They work hard always sothat Weku will success fulfill .I selute and respect their personally . Such as @siamcat , @wekubuster , @saimegh , @taifkhan , @zahidsun , @hemi , @amar , @catwomanteresa , @kimi , @friendsgroup , @wekunewbies , @supportweku-io , @jotakrevs , @delwar , @elias , @tornadoman , @joelgonz1982 etc.Becides many person work hard for weku.I can not introduce all person .For this reason I am very sorry .I am grateful to all this person. Lastly I want to say that I love weku from my heart .Today I have ordered to make my T-Shirt .This shirt was on Weku platform. Weku is my lover. ![IMG_20190219_222610_HHT~2.jpg]( If you want to join this weku platform ,,,please follow my refferal link.. My refferal link... Thank you so much all weku community friends . Thanks all. "We Are Weku" Post link...
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