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I spent two and a half years with her and the biggest thing is that she is my beloved wife I want to be with her till the last day of life.I think every human being wants one thing for the person they love so that they can be by their side till the last day of their life.The love inside us happened after marriage because I am a man of another profession. she is a man of another profession. We did not have any identity inside us before. We have been identified in a family way and we have been married in a family way.Although since marriage we have always tried to prioritize the importance of everyone because I believe that every human being needs to have a freedom of his own In order to give priority to the freedoms, two and a half years passed with sorrow and joy.I remember writing an incident two years ago now. The incident I wrote in my blogging journey was very sad because my four month old baby was lost in the womb of my beloved wife.In that incident, my beloved wife and I were both emotionally traumatized and emotionally broken. We finally took refuge in the doctor and the doctor told us to rest well and take good care of my wife.Then for two long years we tried to follow the doctor's words and live life that way.Anyway our times are passing like this and we are trying to live like us. My wife has been sick for some time and she went to the doctor yesterday and she called me when she got the report that she had tested I'm glad to hear that and I'm glad my sweetheart is pregnant.In fact, there are some happy things that cannot be written down and expressed orally. However, you may have understood my state of mind. Pray for me for my beloved wife and pray for our future generations could come to earth.I want this blessing from everyone.

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