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The month of victory



I hope everyone is well, everyone is having a good time. I wish I could write about my photography today. I hope you like it and the biggest thing is that you can see my photography and understand what I really want to write about.December is actually a month of pride for our Bengalis because this month our country became independent. I don't want to talk about the past anymore because everyone knows the past and I want to write a little about the present. I hope you like it.The word victory is very small but it carries a lot of meanings. However, now I will write something about it.The country became independent 45 years ago, but even after 45 years, there is a joy of victory among the people, which can only be understood in the month of December.Only those who are citizens of an independent country understand how much joy there is in living in an independent country.Yesterday afternoon, as I was leaving the hospital after completing my duty, I saw a gentleman riding his bicycle and putting a toy on the head of the bicycle with green and red colors. In fact, green and red are the colors of our flag The toy was spinning while cycling, I really liked it.I understand that the man is happy and I was very happy to see the joy of victory in the mind of the man in the month of victory.I pray for the victory of our country through all the martyrs and my respect and love for those who have given us an independent country today.


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