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The first day of the year



I hope everyone is well. Everyone's time is going well. I wish that a new year has started. A new day has started. A new little time has come.Today is a little different from other days because I have to go to the office early today and I woke up that morning and as soon as I woke up I tried to prepare myself mentally because there is a lot of work today so I am trying to go to the office early Although it was too late to go to bed last night and you all understand the biggest reason for being late because like all other people I spent a little time last night and tried to celebrate the last day of the year.When I was coming to the office today, a lot of little kids got in our car with me and I liked seeing them smiling in the morning. I asked them where you were going and they said very nicely that they would give us new books in our school today we are going to get new books.First of all I have to say that I live in a rural area and I have to go to my town office every day from the rural area so I have to make a 30 km long journey every day and the biggest thing is that since I live in the rural area I am half way with the people in the rural areaI have to travel and these little kids are my traveling companions today and they will go down the middle street to their school.Although the world has not calmed down and the world has not returned to its former state, people in rural areas have no awareness and no worries because they are living as before and the biggest thing is that they do not follow the rules of hygiene and you see these kids understand that their parents sent them to school today without following any hygiene rules.Some small thoughts bother me a lot and make me think a lot. I have a lot of thoughts for the common people of this village but they don't want to hear anything so I don't want to tell them anything else but I try a lot sometimes to say something good.I wish they get new books. I wish their school reopen soon. I wish their study life to be normal again. But the biggest thing is that they get vaccinated first.anyway happy new year all. 



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