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The earth is moving at its own pace



Friday is a special day for me because this is the day I try to give myself time for housework and the biggest thing is this day I get some time to do home shopping because other days I don't have time because I am a working person.Last night my wife handed me a list of things needed for the house and told me to buy them.The purpose of waking up without delay is to go to the market because today I have to buy a lot of things for home.Although I went to the market early in the morning, but when I went to the market, I saw that the price of everything seemed to be that I had to buy everything in small quantities.Eventually seeing the price situation of everything in the market I was a bit worried and I decided to sit in a store next to market and think about what can and cannot be taken.I'm so worried. I'm sitting in the store, wondering what to do when I see the list, and suddenly I see an old woman coming in and she's outstretched for help.This world is actually moving at its own pace. Some people here think there is no time for anyone to do anything .In fact, looking at the old woman's eyes, I realized that she is in a very bad condition.One thing I always think of is that in this world, people are on the side of someone else when they have nothing to do.I brought less money from home and the price of all the products in the market is much higher and when I finally looked at the old woman, I tried to comfort myself a little bit. And I gave him some money because she is in a worse situation than me.I tried to help him a bit and thought the world was really going its own way. No one in the world is in a good condition. Everyone is busy with themselves.At the end of the day we’re just pretending to be good.

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