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The beauty of the night is the sand char of the beach.



I hope everyone is well. I hope everyone is having a good time. I will write about a different topic today. I hope those who read my blog regularly will like it.First of all let me say that this is my picture from now a year ago when I went to the beach area just then whose picture it is.Today I know why I feel like writing about it, I think I want to tell you about the days gone by because since it is a medium of my writing, I like to write a lot here, from that place I am trying to write about today's topic.Almost everyone knows that now the condition of the earth has become a bit normal and people have started living a normal life again and people are going to live like before again.I hope now people will go around again and people will try again to see the beauty of nature especially those nature lovers who want to see the beauties of nature up close now.Towards the end of last year when the condition of the earth was somewhat better I went to the seashore and stayed there for a few days deciding that I would spend a few days in a little busy life with the thought of what else to go to the seashore.We've all seen the beauty of the seaside during the day. To be honest, we all know that the beauty of the seashore is different during the day, but at night the sodium light is different from the moonlight on the beach sand well, I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it with my own eyes that day.Honestly, on a moonlit night I spent a lot of time walking on the beach sand and had a great time. However, I had a good experience and I tried to share it today. I hope you see and understand the picture what kind of beauty was there.

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