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Just as I have to work in real life, in the virtual world I am involved in some work that makes me wonder how my time goes every day.After waking up every day, I started thinking about how I would handle everything.If today is our public holiday, then since I work privately, I have no holiday, I have every day of work.When I was coming to the office in the morning, I felt so tired that I fell asleep inside the car because of the light cold air and all in all the environment was so beautiful that I fell asleep in the car.Although it was a short distance journey, I thought about how tired I was when I got in the car and fell asleep. Because on the one hand, real life work, on the other hand, the work of the virtual world, I sometimes suffer from a lot of complexity.After coming to the office, I heard that everyone can go to the Shaheed Minar to give flowers because today is a day celebrated in the country for the language martyrs, so this day is important to us, so they decided to give flowers, although my body looked very tired and did not like it unable to make a sensitive request, I finally left my place of responsibility with them to lay flowers at the Shaheed Minar.Even though these things have become a culture now and people are just showing people, since we have to live in the same society, we still have to accept a lot. However, I finally left the office and went to the Shaheed Minar and saw a lot of people come the only thing I think about is that in this one day we only remember the language martyrs, then the question of why we don't remember them the rest of the day remains in my head at the end of the day.At the end of the day, no one thinks well of society, no one is motivated to do any work properly. The festival and everything seems to have been shown to the people, everything seems to be going on on the show off .

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