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She is going to get food for her sweetheart



I like to think about how much I have to look at every day when I go to work and some of the biggest things are really focused on some things and I like to write about some things and I like to write about some things that actually happen a lot real and the lives of these people are very simple and I try to write about these people.This is exactly what happened when I was going to the office this morning and I am trying to write about it.She is my neighbor. She wakes up very early in the morning and she cooks and takes food for her husband. In fact, her husband has gone to the field to work. In fact, they are farmers.Agriculture is their first and foremost source of livelihood and they make a living through agricultural wor.Since I said that I live in the village for work, the biggest thing is that my new workplace is in the village and I practice in this village workplace three days a week and try to serve the people of the village when I go out every day Many people are met by car and they do different things.However, you may understand by looking at the picture that she is taking food for her beloved because her beloved is working in the field and maybe he is hungry so she is taking food for him However, there are a lot of scenes like this that catch my eye all the time and I try to capture them on my camera and write down my thoughts about them.

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