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One day at a friend's mess house



I hope you all know the scenes that are floating around the mess house because I think every human being has more or less the experience of being in a mess house.But the experience of living in a mess house is much more in my life because most of my life is spent in a mess house.However, in the current situation, the picture of my stay has changed a bit because it is because of my job, if my workplace is far away, then I think I would have to stay at mess house again in my working life.Here are some ideas from my real experience. The biggest thing about mess houses is that there are a lot of people together and a lot of peoples food cook there and everything is random, things don't go well and everything is annoying,a lot you have to put up with it because at the end of the day it is the rule of the mess house.The incident that I will tell you today is the biggest thing in my personal life. I went to the big city a few days ago for my professional work and it was late at night when I got back from there and I could not get a car when I arrived so I called my friend whether living in that big city.Eventually I decided to go to my friend's mess house and try to talk to you about the situation I was in.When I went to his mess house, I saw that there are at least five of them now and their accommodation is spread out on the floor and they eat on the floor.They asked me to have dinner with them and finally I joined them for dinner. All in all though I knew these things in advance because I was at the mess house at such a time so it wasn't too much of a hassle so long after an experience was good for me it was finally morning and I was back home.

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