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As I write this story today, December 31st, the last day of the year, to tell the truth, will it be a contest for me to remember on the last day of the year because I feel blessed to have joined such a contest on the last day of the year.I used to say that I use my own pictures in every one of my stories and I will use my own pictures today but sadly I don't have any pictures of my past and that is why I can't give pictures of my past.In fact, the subject of competition is so different that it is very difficult for me to think of the past because I am now 30 years old.I will try my best to give you that information as much as I can remember. I hope my readers will like it.I don't remember any incident in 1 to 5 years, I think it's true and it happens to every human being because it is very difficult to remember these events from one's own place. But I remember some incidents from the time I was in primary school after six years.As a child of a middle class family, my parents loved me like a prince from a young age and to be honest they could not give me too much time out of their lives because of the job but I am blessed with as much time as they gave me.There was a primary school near my house which made it very convenient for me to study and my parents benefited a lot. Because my parents would drop me off at school when parents went to the office in the morning and pick me up when parents came back from the office.My father's friend was the handmaiden of my childhood studies and the biggest thing is that my father's friend used to work in that primary school.Honestly, this is why my parents got a little bit of confidence and because of that my parents didn't have much trouble getting a job because I had a guardian at school.My father's friend was not only my teacher, he was my guide and idol. Honestly, it has been very helpful to mix with everyone in my school only because of my father's friend and he helped me to mix well with everyone and also taught me very well how to get along with people.When I was a child, I used to look at my father's friend and think that I would be like my father's friend, but at some point, everything changed. Because of the reality, those five years of life were very important to me class 1 to class 5 .A good friend of mine from childhood is suffering from mental health problems today because a big event happened in his life but I had a very good relationship with him when he was healthy and we spent five years of life together and I still remember him but it feels very bad for him now because his current condition is terrible.I was a boy of friendly demeanor and could easily get along well with everyone and the main reason was the education I got from my father's friend .In fact all the events of the past are very important and very emotional and in all words there are many more memorable memories but for reality today I am far away from the past.When my friend was healthy, he and I once went to eat berries near the berry tree next to my school, but when we went there, we saw bee hives on the berry tree, so my friend jokingly threw stones at the bee hive, and the next reason was horrible. Because we threw stones and ran away from the place but those who were there were bitten by bees. This is one of my funniest memories. I have loved reading books since I was a child and that interest is still there. The most interesting thing now is that the first beginnings of the situation I am in now are in my childhood and that is why I had all the teachers and classmates of my childhood grateful to everyone and I still wish my childhood friend well.Anyway this was my childhood event I tried to share like me hope you like it .Truth be told, I think it's not possible to end a child's life memories in such a short way to write.I have written as much as I can and I still pray that my childhood friends, teachers and classmates, wherever they are, wish them well in their place. anyway happy new year all . thank you .


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