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Once upon a time, when I was a teenager, I used to spend my adolescence, especially in the fields of the area, because at the end of our days, everyone would meet, hang out and play sports, so now it is only a thing of the past.Today everything is fine as before but the people I used to play with are not there today.Truth be told, action separates people.Not just different, just a change, a complete emigration.These fields are still played as before but the previously known faces are not seen. They are busy in different parts of the world today.It really seems that life changes color from time to time, one color today and another color tomorrow .If I could be given a choice of what you want at this moment, I think I would close my eyes and say I want to get back to my adolescence, I want to get back to my friends with whom I sent the most important moments of life.The man I now wander around all day with work responsibilities and various thoughts, when I look at those fields in a hurry, I see a group of boys still running in those fields. I know that these friendships will change at some point due to the busy schedule, only the memories will survive.Today my friends are far away but I want one day we will see each other again. There will be stories in this field. Maybe there will be no sports on that day. But we will sit on the field and reminisce and we say life is colourful .

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