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Invitation card in the morning



I hope everyone is well. I wish everyone a good time. The funniest thing is that I try to write in different places at different times, but at the end of the day I am a writer. I think I try to prioritize my personal freedom I try to write wherever I like because I think if I am a real writer I can share my writing anywhere.Today I will write about a different topic. I hope my readers will like it, so I will share it now.Actually Friday is our weekend here but since I am a dentist and I practice privately so I don't have any weekend I have equal day every day.I woke up very early in the morning and went to the office because there is a little patient pressure in the chamber on weekends because other government offices are closed these days so other government employees and other professionals people are more in my chamber on this day come on, with their problems.Anyway, I have been working since morning. Suddenly a childhood friend of mine came to my chamber and I was not ready for what he gave me because he came and gave it to me as a surprise and I was very impressed with his surprise in the morning done.In fact my friend is going to get married in front and start a new chapter of life so he is going to do a ceremony and he has come to invite me to that ceremony.Anyway I talked to him well and I assured him that I would go to his program and the biggest thing is we talked together a lot of the time because we met after a long time and he said I am a little busy today and will come and talk another day.After he left I opened the card and tried to read the card and read everything and it felt good to me and the biggest thing is thinking one thing is that my friend has grown up and he is going to start a new chapter in his life It feels good to think about it.Anyway good luck to him.

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