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Ignoring hundreds of difficulties to the destination



I think it would be nice if the clock was ticking a little today, if time was running out slowly, and if the night was ending too late.I have never had such a thought before but now it is like this because it is very cold outside and I have to go to my destination so sometimes all these strange thoughts revolve in my head.Strange thoughts look beautiful in dreams, in reality it is very pale.When I woke up, I picked up my mobile phone and when I saw the temperature on the screen, I was very surprised because today's temperature is much lower than other days. When I opened the window and looked outside, I was not at all ready to see what I saw It's as if the fog is falling like smoke.Some things from a short distance are not visible in front. Think about it. When the weather is like this, what else does the mind want to get out of the blanket, but in the end it took a lot of hard work.Every day when I go to the office for work, I have to see a lot of things in the car every day. Sometimes I see shredded people, sometimes I see a lot .Everyone wants to survive, but this is what everyone wants at the end of the day.In this cold, someone is in trouble, someone is sleeping comfortably, life is one for everyone, life is luxury for someone, life is hard for someone.The little baby who was sitting in the front seat today is going to her cousin house today so hse doesn't have extra warm clothes so she wrapped himself in a thick sheet and actually did it so that her mother wouldn't make him feel cold.I don't know how the rest of the day will go after seeing this scene as the morning has started. However, I wish that all the people can be well in this cold and that everyone can be healthy. good morning everyone.

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