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I had a nice time with my colleague



I left the office yesterday and the biggest reason I left is to try to share with you now. In fact, I always think a little differently because I try to make my thoughts a little more realistic I try to stay within the limited thinking so that it succeeds.The man you see in the picture with me has just joined my workplace. In fact, he will be about a month old to join.He is the youngest person in my workplace and the funniest thing is that I have a little better relationship with him than all the people in the office. I don't know how it happened. Maybe my thoughts matched with his.Yesterday afternoon he told me that if you don't mind, sir, I would say something, I said tell me. He said sir I really want to buy shoes but I can't think what shoes to buy .I told him, Tuhin don't call me sir, you can call me brother.In fact, his name is Tuhin. I see him as my younger brother. I told him, Okay, I'll take you to the shoe store and try to make you like good shoes.Then after the office was over, Tuhin and I went out to the shoe store and Tuhin was not ready for the shop we went to. Now I forcibly took him to the shop and told him to go around the shop and tell him whatever you like you don't have to worry about the price.Eventually he was feeling a little uncomfortable. I told him you just like it then let's see what can be done, and I said what is your budget he told me about his budget. I said okay I will cooperate with you as much as the rest takes. he was feeling a little uneasy at first then I was trying to comfort him.Anyway we finally bought the shoes and then spent some time outside and then ate something light and then go home.



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