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Different experiences at work on Friday



Since I serve people in the village workplace three days a week, I have to constantly experience different experiences in the village workplace because the people here are not very educated and the economic condition of the people here is not very good so there are many the situation has to be faced and I try to serve them well from my place.Today a child came from a house next to my workplace and he will take oral treatment for this.He actually came with his father and his father is a retired soldier.But the sad thing is that the child is fine but he is physically and mentally handicapped.I have had a hard time serving him today and I have had different experiences.The problem with his mouth is that the medicine will actually work and he will get better. So I first prescribed him and I gave some advice to his father but then I had a different experience.I think that kid first came and went to a dentist and behaved in a way that put me in a very annoying situation but I tried mentally to handle him and I restrained myself with a lot of hard work.I understood very well how the long hour went through me and I tried to handle him and explain to him in many ways I tried but he didn't understand anything he was treating me like that I am also his playmate.Although I have had a difficult time, since I am a dentist, this does not mean anything to me, so at the end of the day, I tried my best to do my job and serve him differently but I enjoyed it well.

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