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Beyond the boundaries of high school, when I went to college, the best college of my life was the college in my area. Of course I didn't have much reason to study here but there were some small reasons why this college seemed to me to be the best.The small reasons were a little emotional because my father studied in this college, my mother studied in this college, my elder brother studied in this college, so I also wanted to study in this college.The result of this college from other colleges was very good but no but here I have a past that is why I was so interested in it.I still remember when I was younger my older brother would take me to college with him and I had a very good interest in college thinking that those who go to college seem to be much older.Although my thinking has changed a bit over time, yes I am quite proud of this college that many of my family members studied here with dignity.Although my results were quite good, I could have taken admission in a good college if I had tried, but one thing I always thought was that the college would not teach me, I have to study on my own, so at the end of the day I was admitted to a college in my area and Later, I was able to finish my studies there with dignity.Today, when I was coming to the office in front of the college, I remembered those old days and I was wondering how fast time passed. Today the college campus is the same as before but there are no more familiar people.

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