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A flash of light in a busy life



I hope you are all well friends, I wish you all the best. I will share some moments of yesterday evening with you today. I hope you will like it.In fact, the area where I live has a festival every year called Sakrain.I will try to say something about that today, I hope you like it.There was a lot of stress in the office all day yesterday as I am a dentist so after working all day in the office I was very tired after serving people but when I came home then after coming home and talking to everyone in the house all my tiredness went away gone because there was a sakrain program in the area yesterday.Honestly, I have been living in this area for a minimum of 3 to 4 years and from 3 and 4 years of experience I will say the words.It was at this time four years ago that I came to the area and there were a lot of kites flying in the sky that day and a lot of lighting in the sky. Today the situation is the same, I understand that the Sakrain festival is going on in the area today .In fact, this happens towards the end of winter, especially in January, and on this day people of all ages roam the roofs of all the houses in the area with kites and in the evenings everyone plays music and cooks good food and invites each other Fireworks are set off at night. It's a tradition, although I don't know the reasons behind it. As far as I've heard, the festival has been going on since the British Period.Anyway there was that program yesterday and after coming home from the office everyone in the house is in a very happy atmosphere and I also tried to participate with them and they have already celebrated the kite festival I just had fireworks and food with them I participated and all in all I had a good time.However, I think busy life should be attended by small events and I think there is a great need to be festive in a busy life so that life can be spent better and a lot can be learned and I think the urge to re-engage in work increases so busy life needs celebration.


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