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Hunter house


I am now in that haunted house. 
eating phase

just finished 
Walkie talkie in hand. 

We are communicating. 
We are as possible

Staying silent. 
I am Rafi to tell us

Sajal and Anika. 
Anika is not like other girls.

He has no fear like the three of us. 
i am

I told him to go to my floor if he is scared

I am waiting on the third floor.

We are the only four animals in the whole house. 
someone else

The rest of our ghost hunter team dispersed

Scattered on different floors. 
Rafi Ground

on the floor 
Sajal is on the top floor. 
I don't bring anymore

Upstairs and downstairs very close.

Nothing happened to me yet. 
in between

I really want to see Anika.

It's three o'clock in the night

Hello, I am Anika.

- Hey, it's better with your microphone

Recording is done.

- It will be. 
Swedish thing. 
Totally original.

- It is in vain for us to come here today.

-Why did you say that?

- Because you don't see all the old people.

- It was exactly three o'clock. 
But here or not

People are afraid only in the evening. 
No one during the day

doesn't come 
It all seems fake to me.

- Hmm. 
Anika - let's have tea

- Nah.

- Why?

- Hey put the microphone down. Just record

you are doing

- Ok I stopped.

It's ten o'clock at night

Hello, I'm dew.

Anika vanished before me

Yes completely vanish. 
to speak

Hotat Udao. 
But how is it possible? 


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