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holding my hand 
What hand? 
Something was walking along with me, holding my hand, holding the light near Suki's hand, Cyan, the fingerprints were clearly visible on the white skin. 
Since the street was completely empty, if a human had done it, it wouldn't have disappeared so quickly. 
So no one was left to understand what they had fallen into. 
Cian gave the light a good look around. 
Nothing noticed. 
Just as they have no way to give Suki courage, they also have no language to understand themselves, what will they do? 
Clear fingerprints are visible on Suki's hand. 
Whoever grabbed it, human or something else, disappeared again. 
Everything has given rise to fear. 
Both mother and daughter are shaking, Sian understands. 
Chanting the name of the Buddha, everyone stepped forward. 
Sian is quite a brave boy, and when he faces a fear he doesn't know if he is actually afraid. 
Fear is something else where it's hard to control yourself, Cyan is the opposite. 
Its clarity is found in the midst of self-restraint. 
Three people are walking side by side, they have all crossed Nageshwar's garden. 
Sian can't think how his father came to Tejwal from Champhai at such a late night, even though 4/5 people stay together, even though everyone knows that this time is very bad. 

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