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Power of king


Folklore has it that Hindu king Rajendra Varman once ruled with great splendor in Mizoram. 
There was no limit to his tyranny on the hillbillies. 
Fed up with his atrocities, most of the hillbillies left Mizoram and migrated to neighboring towns. 
Even today the Paharis curse him with the name of that king when he is oppressed by someone. 
Legend has it that Goddess Kamakhya cursed this place. 
Any major accident here is the result of the curse of Kamakhya Devi, this is the belief of the hill people. 
Goddess Kamakhya is also worshiped here every year. 
Paharis are superstitious. 
Therefore, if they say that everything is wrong, they should not be judged. 
Everyone is coming closer to Parimal's house. 
Mangthili is holding the cloth from the ground with one hand and holding Sian's hand tightly with the other hand. 
It was as if Cyan was dragging him, but that was not the case. 
Mangthili is trying to keep up with Sian but the poor man can't. 
The two are chasing Suki with a hurricane in her hand. 
Sian also has to suffer a lot while walking with a bag in one hand and a PC in the other. 
The dogs came together, barking and calling, as if they had seen something. 
Suki stood up with a light. 
If it was a little more, Cian's hand would have collided with the swinging bag. 
Why did Suki stand up?

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